S3B Web Design & Solutions

He did everything so efficiently!

Sebastien created my website. I am an archaeologist and licensed tourist guide in Greece. The Covid-19 pandemic urged me to change the way I work and get website. I was lucky to find the perfect person for this. Sebastien led me through the whole process with amazing patience but also decisiveness and speed since I know very little about technology.

He did everything so efficiently! What really amazed me was his ability and insight in finding solutions for every difficulty. To give you an example, he even filmed my lectures on Ancient Greece and went on to solve the problem of filming on a really windy day by inventing a new way of using the microphone. He dealt with all the technicalities. He was constantly communicating with me, checking everything and helping me to take the right decisions. My amazement though peaked at his most extraordinary quality. He was able to adjust to my personal aesthetics and helped me to project the professional image I wanted in my website.

Eleni Premeti